Meet the Team: Becky Hoppe

We are thrilled to highlight a few key people in our organization, starting with our Chief Risk Management Officer Becky Hoppe

Becky first worked for The RWC Group doing special projects, business development and digital transformation starting in 2016. She recently rejoined us to support the success of RWC by overseeing system security and leading digital transformation to best serve RWC’s clients and consultants.

Prior to RWC she spent 15 years working in the energy industry. During this time, Becky focused on leasing, contract negotiations, commercial development, and logistics with an emphasis on digital transformation—leading software implementations and process improvements. 

Becky says, “The common thread throughout my career has been helping companies in volatile industries remain efficient and competitive through digital upgrades and developing strong processes. This helps produce consistently great results for clients, no matter the industry.” 

On a personal note, Becky has a passion for all things gardening with the goal of always having enough flowers, vegetables, and herbs to share with the neighbors. Becky says, “I find most of life’s dilemmas can be solved with an hour or two of work in the garden.” 

We’re thrilled to have Becky as a member of our team, again! Connect with her Becky Hoppe