Provider, Employer, Organization of Choice

What Distinguishes Us–The Expertise to Engineer Success

Providing skilled professionals is our only business. Other firms offer contractors as a secondary business that enhances the margin on other products or services. We do not sell hardware, software or exotic ideas purporting to magically lower costs or increase earning. We do however, have elite professionals who can contribute to lowering cost or increasing earnings in short order.

The RWC Group strives to be the provider of choice, employer of choice, and organization of choice. We aim to be the employer of choice to attract and retain the best people, the provider of choice to sustain growth, and the organization of choice by running an efficient and effective company. These success strategies are key forces in our corporate motivations and drive our mission statement.

Core Values


Maintaining a vast pool of experts with applicable skill sets that can fiII client needs and effectively execute objectives.


Providing opportunities to meet, communicate and collaborate with industry leaders to share knowledge and sustain industry improvement.


Assertive to industry trends and influencing circumstances which facilitates our ability to adjust with market changes and anticipate future needs.


initiating new approaches to solving client problem and meeting objectives to increase efficiency and lower cost.


Conducting business with the knowledge that our staff is qualified and willing to take on any challenges our client or industry may present.


Cultivating an environment with high moral value that sets a standard of being honest, thoughtful and deliberate in all actions.


Delivering specialized services to each client in an effort to fulfill particular business objectives.


Strengthening our role as industry leaders and embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of solutions we can provide to our customers.

Our Success Strategies


Provider of Choice

  • Established history of successful bank conversions and system integrations
  • Successfully migrated over 500,000 commercial end-user clients to new digital platforms
  • Engaged in Treasury Management Client Conversions continuously since 1998
  • Delivered results to banks from $1 billion to $2 trillion in assets
  • Client outreach approach that is flexible and customizable to the Bank’s brand
  • Proven methodology and support model that delivers a positive client experience

Employer of Choice

  • Nationwide pool of online banking conversion specialists with customer relationship & facing experience
  • RWC certification and accreditation specific to subject matter expertise
  • Unique recruiting approach focusing on RWC associate Networks and consultant referrals
  • Consultant loyalty programs with compensation
  • Consultant referrals
  • Project referrals

Organization of Choice

  • History of follow on and new project engagements after initial project competed
  • Turnover rates among consultants average below 10%
  • Leverage technology to deliver a virtually centralized and high-performing team
  • Receive letters of accommodation and referrals from our clients frequently

Connect With Us

Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth area, we have several office locations throughout the United States and have clients nationwide.