People, Integrity, Excellence

In 1998, our founders recognized many forces were taking away from bank core businesses. As senior commercial bankers, we found traditional consulting companies did not have the expertise to help bring these forces under control. The RWC Group (Real World Consulting) was formed to fill the demand for practical, hands-on expertise to help senior management execute plans for risk management, operational, production and customer strategies.

The RWC Group provides industry experts on a just-in-time basis to financial institutions, financial technology companies, corporate treasury, and federal government agencies. Their primary objective is to complete projects efficiently, accurately, on time and in budget. Our experts’ skill sets include project management, process improvement, revenue enhancement, systems and technology improvement, accounting, financial control, and management services. Areas within an organization that typically use our resources are risk management and compliance, product delivery, financial management, process control, service delivery, and technology management.

What distinguishes us:

Providing human capital is our only business. Other firms offer contractors as a secondary business that enhances the margin on other products or services. We do not sell hardware, software or exotic ideas purporting to magically lower costs or increase earning. We do however, have elite professionals who can contribute to lowering cost or increasing earnings in short order.

The RWC Group strives to be the provider of choice, employer of choice, and organization of choice. We aim to be the employer of choice to attract and retain the best people, the provider of choice to sustain growth, and the organization of choice by running an efficient and effective company. These success strategies are key forces in our corporate motivations and drive our mission statement.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation to our culture and success.


Mission Statement:

The mission of The RWC Group is to provide Clients with real world consulting and professional services solutions to help solve the challenges facing their business. We produce these results by employing a diverse and highly skilled workforce who are considered experts in their field of specialization.

Meet Our Team

We greatly value relationships with our clients and consultants. Our Client Team Managers are designated to cultivating and initiating these relationships to create mutually beneficial ventures.

Griffin Gunter
Debra Yaley

George Wren
Government Services Division
Kurt Liles
Client Team Manager
Executive Vice President
Suzanne Rathke
Client Team Manager
Executive Vice President
Wes Simon
Client Team Manager
Senior Vice President
Claire Osborne
Chief Administrative
Josha Epp
Consultant Relations
Brittany Thompson
Consultant Recruiting
& Retention Manager