Expert Manpower, Meaningful Results

The RWC Group is committed to providing subject matter experts who are leaders in their field that deliver highly valuable solutions to our clients. Our experts collaborate with client personnel to undertake complex projects and meet vital business objectives.

We always begin with our client goal – their goal is our goal. We assess what objectives need to be met to attain their goal and which of our solutions will reach that objective. From there, we handpick the right expert for each unique situation who will work hand-in-hand with our client’s team to implement the initiative successfully and accurately.

  • Banking, Financial Institutions, and Credit Unions
  • Financial Technology Companies
  • US Federal Government
  • Corporate Treasury and Finance Departments
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Profitability
  • Measurable Quality Improvements
  • Enhanced Operational Performance
  • Stable Compliance and Regulatory Standing
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Product Delivery
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Program Management (PMO) and Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Systems and Technology Improvement
  • Financial Control and Management Services
  • Policies, Procedures, and Requirements Documentation
  • Bank Back-Office Operations
  • Payment Systems
  • Retail & Wholesale Operations
  • Treasury Management
  • Bank Vendor Applications & Systems
  • Product and End-User Implementation
  • End-User Conversions
  • Compliance & Regulatory changes
  • Mobile Banking
  • International Operations
  • Trust Operations
  • Exceptions & Reconciliations
  • Accounting and Financial Services Support
  • Loan Processing and Operations
  • Help Desks and Customer Service
  • Mergers and Consolidation
  • System Installation and Conversions
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Treasury Operations
  • AR & AP

Our Expert Services and Core Competencies