Meet the Team: Suzanne Rathke

Introducing Suzanne Rathke, a 30-year banking virtuoso and Client Team Manager (CTM) of The RWC Group. With a distinguished career at Frost Bank, Suzanne led transformations in branch design, product management, audit controls, vendor oversight, sales strategies, and more, driving Frost to new heights.

In the past six years, Suzanne’s expertise has forged vital business relationships, earning a wealth of references and referrals. She excels in core and digital banking, technical writing, training, and treasury management.

Suzanne’s primary mission is to deliver tailored solutions and a unique approach that empowers banking and FinTech clients to achieve tangible benefits. She excels in providing high-value resources, all geared towards helping banks mitigate risk, boost revenue, and enhance operational efficiency. Her focus centers on crafting custom strategies and offering innovative solutions that translate into real, quantifiable results for our clients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Suzanne enjoys traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, engaging in outdoor activities, and volunteering within her community. Connect with Suzanne Rathke to initiate a conversation with this exceptional Banking Expert and Finance Innovator.